Wow, this Rotary Club keeps busy serving Westerville

Prez Says Rotary Club of Westerville

The Rotary Club of Westerville continues to amaze me with its myriad of activities.

The Harris-Askins House is a senior living center in the heart of Westerville, built by the Rotary Club of Westerville for low-income seniors. Club members are excited to help the tenants with needed projects over the upcoming first weekend of May. 

We just gave away $16,000 in college scholarships to Westerville high school seniors heading off to college … two who went all the way to Westerville for college (Otterbein). 

Plans are beginning to hit full stride for this year’s Fourth of July festivities. Our club will put on a road race, Westerville’s Independence Day parade down State Street, our afternoon concert series at Westerville South (three groups performing this year, with a DJ between acts), and of course, the spectacular evening fireworks display.

As I approach my 10th month as President, I appreciate even more the difference Rotary makes.

Dave Krebs is the 2018-19 President of the Rotary Club of Westerville.

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