Action-packed October

Prez Says Rotary Club of Westerville

I cannot believe fall is here already. I guess the 50-degree weather should be my clue.

The summer was hot as we just inducted our 10th new member in the first quarter.

And the Rotary Club of Westerville will enjoy an action-packed October.

Yours truly will explain if you are a winner or loser under the new tax law. You also will see the newly designed “postcard” return.

We then will take a road trip to Star House and play corn hole and cards with some kids who are starved for attention … can’t wait.

Next we will find out what kind of season our Columbus Blue Jackets are going to have as the voice of the Jackets, Greg Murray, joins us.

I don’t want to peak ahead to November but we will be finalizing the Rotary Honors Vets 5K Walk/Run with a goal of over 1,000 participants.

Come join us for a program or project and become part of People of Action!

Dave Krebs is the 2018-19 President of the Rotary Club of Westerville.

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